Resume Writing 101

With student success at the forefront of our philosophy, we always strive to provide our community with as many resources possible including professional resume writing tips to help them advance in their careers and continue to grow throughout their transition in Canada!

As part of our Career Services offered by our Student Services department, we had the opportunity to speak with Career Coach Luki Danukarjanto, and he shared his top tips for building a resume that is professional, polished, and prepped for success! 

Luki’s Advice:

  • Before you start writing, you need to have something to write about!
    • Job description
    • Education, Experience, Other
      • Education: what courses or projects have you done that could be relevant to the job; what can you take?
      • Experience: part-time or full-time work
      • Other: volunteering, student clubs, personal projects, awards recognition Start this part now!

  • Basics formatting
    • Templates: Google, Microsoft Word, online
    • Contact information: name, email, phone number, LinkedIn, address
      • Education or experience depends which is more relevant
    • Company name, your title, when you worked there including months
      • Bullet points about what you did in the role
    • Double-check- spelling and grammar check, clean formatting
      • Maximum 2 pages
    • What NOT to include: No pictures, no birth dates or family relations, no tables, Information about the company
    • Cover letters
    • References
  • Levelling up your resume
    • Reverse engineer the job posting
    • Activities to achievements
    • Fill in gaps
    • Career document: set a calendar reminder to update your resume every 4 months


We hope these tips will help you in your professional journey – happy resume writing! 


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