Payment Guide

International students can pay for their Cambrian at Hanson programs with those three different payment methods

Payment Methods

Students have 2 options for paying tuition fees online:

  1. Online Banking
  2. International Payments from Outside of Canada


  • All payment receipts and questions should be emailed to
  • To find out how much you owe for the current or past semesters, please login to your student account. Click on “Your fees payments, receipts, and amounts due” to see the information
  • Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact
  1. Add “Cambrian College – Student Payments” as a payee
  2. Use your Cambrian Student ID (A00XXXXX) as the account number
  3. Add the amount that you would like to pay
  4. Email a copy of your receipt to



  • It takes 3 business days for your online payment to reach to the college
  • The date that the payment was made will be honoured, not the date it is processed
  • You must use your Cambrian ID# when making any payments


**NOTE: INTERAC e-Transfer payments are NOT accepted

Cambrian College uses Flywire for all international payments made from accounts outside Canada. This system is built to save you money on currency exchange rates. Pay from any bank and any country. The Flywire process is a completely secure, transparent, and compliant payment platform.



Paying this way also ensures that we can easily refund your payment should the need arise.


How to Make a payment using Flywire:

  1. Getting Started: Go to
  2. Payment Option: Select your preferred method of payment from the options provided
  3. Login/Create Account & Enter Personal Details: Create your account or log into your existing Flywire account, and then enter some basic information to initiate your payment booking
  4. Confirm Payment Details: Please review and confirm the information for your payment. If you are paying via bank transfer, you will receive a deadline by which you should go to  your bank and complete the payment (this deadline is not associated with your college deadline)
  5. Review Payment Instructions: You can enter your mobile phone at the prompt if you would like to receive payment status updates via text
    • Bank Transfers: Follow the banking instructions to deliver your funds to the bank account indicated
    • Credit Cards: Fill in your credit information and complete your payment
    • UnionPay Cards or AliPay: You will betaken to UnionPay or AliPay website to enter your account information to complete your payment
    • Important: Payment instructions are only valid for this payment. If you wish to send another payment to Cambrian you must complete a new booking
  6. Track Payment Status Online: Above banking instructions you’ll notice a payment status bar. This bar is updated each step of the process and you will receive a final email confirmation when payment has been delivered to your institution.



  • Flywire does not charge any additional fees when you book a payment in your home country’s local currency. If you choose to book the payment in your institution’s local currency, a $30(USD) fee may apply (depending on the country)
  • If you have initiated a credit card payment and provided the payment details, there are no additional steps to be taken. The funds will be delivered to us within 1–3 business days
  • Email a copy of your receipt to
  • Please allow 3 business days for processing after Flywire has delivered the payment to the college
  • The date that the payment was received by Flywire will be honoured, and not the date that payment was delivered to the college
  • Flywire offers Customer Support via phone, email, online and through live chat available 24/7 to answer your questions