University Guide

Prepare for the next step in your academic journey with university guide, transfer policies and application workshops

University Articulation Agreements

Many students who are finishing their education at Hanson College of Business, Health & Technology are moving onto their next exciting adventure, which often include university transfer opportunities. To simplify the process for students, our partners at Cambrian College have established numerous articulation agreements in place with various Canadian universities that recognize Cambrian College credits. Explore your university options after graduation and the university guide below.

University Pathways

Requirements for admission to degree programs and the acceptance of transfer credits by universities will vary from university to university, and will be determined according to each individual’s circumstances. For more information about Ontario University Transfer Policies and university possibilities, please visit the resource below!

Transfer Applications Workshop

In order to better prepare students for the many university paths that are available after graduating from Hanson, workshops are on campus that go over the process and how-tos of university transfers.