Curling Day: Hanson College Staff Event

Hanson College’s employees traded desks and keyboards for curling stones and brushes for a day last week.

This “day out” provided an opportunity for our employees to gather outside of the office to connect beyond their work duties, while joining together as teams to participate in learning the game of curling. Curling requires the participation of multiple people on a team, each with a different position, to come together using their skills and clear communication to achieve a shared goal of guiding a rock to a targeted area at the down the length of the ice. This served as a perfect opportunity to reinforce for our employees the importance of not only working hard together, but of balancing that by taking time to play hard as well.  

Held at the Richmond Hill Curling Club, the event aligned with Hanson’s overall focus on creating a collaborative environment for staff that supports fostering relationships, engaging in teamwork, and enjoying the different opportunities and cultural experiences Canada has to offer. Inclusivity is also an important part of everything we do at Hanson, so this event was open to all employees, regardless of any prior curling experience. Staff embraced and enjoyed the opportunity, with comments such as, “I am grateful for this unique experience,” and, “Whichever team won the game, we all applauded for each other!”
Everyone was able to enjoy this work-time event for all staff, while learning how to curl and having a lot of fun. Employees were encouraged to continue the fun off the ice by enjoying the club’s lounge area, where they could continue to create and nurture connections with fellow staff members.

Collaboration, inclusivity, teamwork, and fun: it happens in- and out-of-office when you’re connected with Hanson.


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