About Career Services

Hanson College’s Co-op and Career Services team aims to prepare our students with the professional knowledge needed to develop a career plan successfully. We want to provide our students with the skills and knowledge and teach them how to apply those skills so they can find meaningful and relevant employment.

The highlight of working with international students is introducing them to valuable information, according to Canadian business norms and expectations, that teaches them:

  • how to create a professional resume and cover letter
  • how to perform well in an interview
  • how to expand their professional network

At our Hanson campuses, students can request to meet with a skilled Co-op and Career Services team member to learn how to navigate the challenges and avoid the pitfalls of the career development process that includes:

  • job searching
  • application preparation
  • job development etiquette

Meeting with us one on one or in small groups means Hanson College students receive customized advice and personalized answers to their specific questions.

Students who are studying in programs that include a field or a co-op placement will benefit from studying preparation courses that provide additional strategies on how to enter a career relevant to their chosen area of study.

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