Business (GBBH/GBHP)

The two-year Cambrian College Business Diploma program is designed for students who want to build their knowledge in a broad range of important business functions.

About the program

The curriculum in this program guides the students through business finance and structures, accounting procedures, personnel management, meeting regulatory requirements, new business development, and organizational planning.

Graduates have the knowledge, practical skills, and proficiency to take on entry-level roles in organizations that promote efficiency and effective delivery in the business sector. 

Future pathways

Program outline

To be considered, applicants require a secondary school diploma or degree from an Ontario College or equivalent, including:

  • Grade 12 English
  • Grade 11 Mathematics
  • Recommended: competency in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and software

Applicants from non-English-speaking countries must achieve the minimum requirements of an overall IELTS score of 6 and no band less than 5.5 issued in the past 24 months. Duolingo score of 110-115.

All other acceptable tests and results for admission can be found here.

  • Exemptions may be granted to international students from certain countries who have completed at least 3 years of formal academic studies in which English was the medium of instruction.
  • Students can also satisfy the English language proficiency requirement by successfully completing the EAP program offered by Hanson Language School. Applicants are required to obtain a minimum score on the English Placement Test before final approval and completion of their registration. As a result of widespread suspension of IELTS and other testing platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cambrian College will temporarily accept the Duolingo English Test, IELTS Indicator and the TOEFL-iBT® Special Home Edition to demonstrate English Proficiency.

**Hanson College specializes in educating international students and only accepts non-Canadian applicants possessing valid study permits into programs for which it partners with Cambrian College.

Semester 1

Introduction to Accounting (ACC1045, 3 credits)

Business Professionalism (BUS1125, 3 credits)

Intro to Business Management (BUS1146, 3 credits) 

Business Mathematics (BUS1211, 3 credits) 

College Communications (ENG1002, 3 credits) 

Microeconomics (ECN1101, 3 credits)

Spreadsheets for Business (ISP3026, 3 credits)

Semester 2

Financial Accounting (ACC1050, 3 credits)

Business Research Methods (BUS1111, 3 credits) 

CSR & Ethics (BUS1153, 3 credits) 

Financial Mathematics (BUS1212, 3 credits) 

Macroeconomics (ECN1202, 3 credits) 

Foundations of Marketing (MKT1204, 3 credits)

Elective: General Education Course (GENED, 3 credits)

Semester 3

Managerial Accounting (ACC2312, 3 credits) 

Statistics (BUS1233, 3 credits)

Human Resource Management (BUS2041, 3 credits) 

Business Reports/Presentations (ENG2205, 3 credits) 

Corporate Finance (FIN1101, 3 credits) 

Applied Marketing (MKT1200, 3 credits) 

Elective: General Education Course (GENED, 3 credits) 

Semester 4

Strategic Business Decisions (BUS1217, 3 credits) 

Project Management (BUS1037, 3 credits) 

Organizational Behaviour (BUS2040, 3 credits) 

Business Law (BUS2320, 3 credits) 

Operations Management (BUS3501, 3 credits) 

Professional Selling (MKT3680, 3 credits) 

Elective: General Education Course (GENED, 3 credits)


Cost (CAD)

Term 1$8,115.00
Term 2$8,115.00
Term 3$8,115.00
Term 4$8,115.00

  • Fees do not include books (unless specifically noted), supplies or living costs.
  • Fees do include medical insurance ($275) and ancillary fees ($414.40).


This fee is used to support technology in the classroom, open access labs, library technologies, program specific requests for specialized equipment within programs, required software to support academic program needs and learning tools and supports. As well as the development and support of Hanson App

Student Life Centre

This fee assists in the running of the Student Centre and associated activities and services.

Gym Memberships

This fee supports and provides the student with a membership to LA Fitness. Given the circumstances of COVID-19, this is currently not applicable to students.

Student Recreation

This fee supports the intramural and extramural sporting events accessible to all students.

Student ID & Print Card

This fee supports the production of the student card & student print card.

Student Achievement and Records

This fee is for the preparation and/or completion and postage related to official letters, forms, transcripts, and other student records. This fee supports the costs associated with hosting convocation ceremonies for students, including providing regalia for graduates.

Career Services

This fee supports career-related services, including career counselling, information sessions, career fair, etc.

Academic Support

This fee supports services such as Peer Tutoring and other various Academic Workshops & Supports

Health and Counselling

This fee provides students access to basic health resources and health professionals on campus, including mental health and well-being.

CSC – Health Programming

The fee provides all students with access to various mental health programming opportunities provided by Hanson College. These may include animal therapy events, healthy eating education, and various awareness campaigns.

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