Registration FAQs

Questions from Students about the registration process

Step 1: Make sure you have paid fees in full, and all your conditions are clear (e.g., English Language Proficiency, Study Permit)

Step 2: Download iCent App ( available on Apple and Google Play Store )

Step 3 : Upload documents on iCent  (IELTS, study permit, passport, visa etc.)

Step 4 : Wait for Cambrian’s approval on validation of your uploaded documents ( takes 24-48 hours)

Step 5: Once validated, login to MyCambrian portal with your Cambrian ID( ID# that starts with A00XXXXXX) and password will be your birthday in this format: DDMMYY or MMDDYY (6 digits only) and complete your registration

Please upload your documents (IELTS, study permit, passport, visa etc.) on iCent to begin your registration process.  You can register for your program through your myCambrian account. Please access the following link to know how to download your docs on iCent: iCent App Login Steps

The app is free to download and use. You can download from both App store and Google play store

After you have uploaded your documents on iCent, please allow 24-48 for processing (excluding weekends and holidays). After that you can try to access MyCambrian. Your AID is your login ID and password have been shared with you. You can proceed with your registration after that.

If you have already uploaded your documents on iCent and you are still not able to register, please email International Admissions :

Once you register, you will access all your course material through your Schoology account.          This account will be updated with your course details within 24-48 hours of completing your   registration in MyCambrian. (Excluding weekends and holidays).

For any login issues with MyCambrian please call Cambrian’s helpdesk at 705-566-8101 x 7370 between 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, or submit a ticket on this webpage, or email at with your full name, AID, and concern.

Please access payment guide in this link Payment Guide – Hanson College ON

Please contact: Accounts ONT:

It will be available in your My Cambrian account.

Academic team will register you on Schoology 24-48 after your registration on myCambrian. We no longer provide Schoology codes to students.