Hanson College, Cambrian College and Limkokwing University Join Forces to Elevate Global Education

The collaboration between Hanson College, Cambrian College and Limkokwing University is rooted in shared values centered around academic excellence, a focus on student experience, and a dedication to international collaboration. This strategic partnership seeks to leverage the unique strengths of each institution to offer a comprehensive and globally-minded education to students from the ASEAN region, seeking a transformative academic journey.

Hanson College of Business, Health and Technology in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Malaysia are delighted to announce an exciting partnership aimed at fostering international collaboration, enhancing student experiences, and promoting academic excellence. This three-way alliance is set to create new opportunities for students worldwide and further strengthen the institutions’ commitment to providing a culturally diverse and enriching educational environment.

The three institutions have aligned in a strategic partnership aimed at fostering growth and enhancing recruitment initiatives from the ASEAN region. This initial phase in the growing collaboration represents a significant step towards further academic cooperation and cultural exchange opportunities. Moreover, it underscores a commitment to globalization, recognizing the importance of diverse perspectives and cross-cultural understanding in the ever-evolving landscape of higher education.

In October 2023, Hanson College established a representative office at Limkokwing University.  This physical presence serves as a tangible demonstration of the commitment to the partnership. Representatives of all three institutions were present for the opening.

Commenting on the partnership, Shouyi Ma, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hanson College, stated, “Our mission at Hanson College is clear—to change life trajectories through education for generational impact in the global community. This partnership with Cambrian College and Limkokwing University aligns perfectly with our mission and allows us to provide students with culturally diverse experiences that not only enrich their academic journey but also prepare them for success in the global job market.”

Kristine Morrisey, President of Cambrian College, commented about the potential academic collaborations, highlighting the creative art and design programs at Cambrian College. She said, “Cambrian has a robust suite of creative programming including animation, game design, graphic design, and visual arts. There’s plenty of opportunity for us to work together and look at how our students, both from Malaysia and Canada, can experience each other’s cultures and institutions.”

The collaboration will facilitate joint initiatives, academic exchanges, and shared resources among the three institutions, ensuring that students benefit from a well-rounded and globally relevant education. By bringing together the expertise and cultural perspectives of Cambrian College, Hanson College, and Limkokwing University, this partnership aims to empower students to navigate the complexities of the modern world and emerge as well-rounded, globally competent individuals. As this partnership unfolds, the three institutions are actively exploring additional opportunities for collaboration and academic excellence. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the global education landscape, demonstrating the power of partnerships to create transformative experiences for students. As the three institutions come together, they are not only breaking down geographical barriers but also building bridges for a brighter and more interconnected future.


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