Career Services

At Hanson College, we strive to prepare our students with the professional knowledge to be successful in their careers and also aid them in building the skills necessary to find valuable and relevant employment.

Some of these skills in finding employment include resume writing, cover letter writing, interview, networking, and follow-up letter writing skills. As a result, we offer career preparation services to students in their final semester to help develop these skills according to Canadian business norms and expectations.

At our Hanson campuses, we will be offering workshops to our students on resume writing and cover letter writing in addition to workshops on interview preparation and networking. The resume and cover letter writing workshop will focus on topics such as the general outline of a resume, information to include in a resume, resume formatting, and cover letter formatting. The interview preparation and networking workshop will focus on preparing applicants for interviews by teaching interview tips and strategies and will focus on ways to use networking to find employment.

In addition to our workshops each semester, we will also offer resume and cover letter consulting services by appointment. At these consulting sessions, after students have written a draft of their resume and cover letter, the Career Centre can offer advice on formatting and help edit the documents. To help all of Hanson’s students, instead of just those in their final semester, the HOTS account will have resources on resume and cover letter writing including resume and cover letter samples

In order to help students find meaningful employment, Cambrian at Hanson College holds several career fairs each year, inviting employers from the community to speak to our students about positions in their organizations, strategies that students can use to find employment, as well as what skills, abilities, and knowledge employers look for in the hiring process.

Employers’ presentations allow students to better understand the labour market of certain industries, create strategies for finding employment more successfully, and also allows them to network with potential employers. Face-to-face interaction with employers is much more productive for our students and their skill-development than applying online or via emails.

Through these career fairs, students build connections that often lead to insightful interviews and job search experience from seasoned professionals, which provides students with the opportunity to get into the spotlight for potential employers and also become more comfortable with presenting themselves. In the past, some of the presenters at our career fairs have been Mercer Canada, the Human Resources Professional Association, Easy Employment Inc., Cash Shop, and the Knights Table Food Bank. Beyond our campus’ events, Cambrian at Hanson College frequently announces off-campus networking events and career fairs, encouraging students to attend and further enhance their professional networks.

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Resume Target, a professional resume writing service, has partnered with Hanson College and is pleased to offer complimentary career-related resources to students and alumni seeking professional development and career tips.

Please click here to access the career platform and the free resources available.

Hanson College students can find further information on Schoology and by contacting their campus Co-op and Career Services staff.