Student Finds Education and Career at Hanson College

Experience Beyond Education Fosters Success at Hanson

Students at Hanson College receive more than just an education. We create an experience that extends beyond the classroom to create a wholly supportive environment that immerses our students in educational, social, and employment experiences as they build their lives in Canada.

Student Support

At Hanson, we help students change their life trajectories through an educational experience that includes creating a strong foundation for building a life and career in Canada. To achieve this, we support our students not just in their academic studies, but also in their need to generate income, connect with other students, foster strong relationships, and receive any guidance, direction, or other supports to assist them along the way. From student clubs and events, celebrating a diverse and inclusive list of holidays, trips, and semester-end gala celebrations, students have the opportunity to engage with peers, celebrate important events across multiple cultures, and enjoy life on campus. This enhanced experience helps students feel seen and supported, while they are also able to access supports for student housing and counselling services, peer support, and academic assistance. Students can also participate in Hanson College’s unique work-study experience, which employs students right on campus to provide real work experiences that give students first-hand knowledge of job expectations and responsibilities outside of the classroom.

Pushed To Your Potential

Although he was already a high-achieving student with an overall 4.0 GPA in his program, Raghav Kochhar found support beyond his expectations at Hanson. He was already thriving thanks to the support and culture at the college.

“Every single person is so supportive,” Kochhar says. “Even when you’re totally new to the country and to studying in Canada, so many people here help you in any way they need to.”

Beyond this type of daily support, Kochhar discovered opportunities at Hanson that pushed him beyond his comfort level so he could see beyond what he believed was his potential and achieve unexpected success. He was first able to use his experience and educational success to become a Marketing Peer Mentor at the college, which further demonstrated his capabilities to college students and staff and helped build a strong reputation and mutually respectful relationship with them. Because of this high level of respect, when it was suggested that Kochhar push his abilities as an influencer by recording and posting video content, it wasn’t initially something he wanted to try, but he trusted the suggestion.  

“I decided to investigate it and try doing it, and that’s when the CEO noticed me and encouraged me to seek employment at the college,” Kochhar explains. This seemingly small step of trusting a suggestion resulted in employment at the college, where Kochhar now works as Hanson’s Marketing Analyst, which he says is the perfect fit. “When anyone shows that trust in you and is willing to help and support you every step of the way, why go anywhere else? I am who I am now because of Hanson.”

Work-Study Foundations for Success

Kochhar’s experience isn’t one of a kind. Hanson extends education beyond the classroom by hiring students in several different roles to help them gain experience beyond education. Students with good or excellent academic standing have employment opportunities right at Hanson College. Not only does this add valuable Canadian employment experience in their chosen field of study to their resumes, but it also provides the students with the required minimum hours for part-time work at 20 hours per week, and pay that’s higher than minimum wage, which allows Hanson students to earn an income and gain work experience while having the time to apply to their studies. That’s a win-win-win situation. With six job titles that include representation from all programs of study, Hanson employed 244 students during the Fall 2023 semester, and 32% of those hires were studying in their first semester, helping students create a strong foundation right from the start. Find out more about taking advantage of the work-study opportunities available at Hanson, the programs we offer, and the application process.


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