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Campus Updates

Hanson College of Business, Health and Technology has returned to a more traditional pre-pandemic campus experience
Proof of vaccination status, masking and physical distancing are NOT REQUIRED to access Hanson campuses.
As a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), Hanson College of Business, Health and Technology can accept international students.

COVID-19 News

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Campus Access Vaccination Policy

This policy is in response to the worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic and instructions issued by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health

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Continuity of Education Plan

Through more than a year of strict public safety measures, Hanson is now in the position to increase in-person on-campus activities

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Frequently asked questions from students about COVID-19 and how it will affect the programs and the future of Hanson

Career Services

About Career Services

Our Co-op and Career Services team aims to prepare our students with the professional knowledge needed to develop a career plan successfully

Contact Information and Programs

To obtain resume, cover letter feedback, or to discuss career planning and opportunities, book a free with us

For Employers

Are you an employer? Register to be contacted regarding future opportunities for guest speaking and career events at Hanson

For Students

How does the co-op/placement process work? Please view your program timeline to understand the steps required to participate in a co-op


View the partners of Hanson and see what kinds of career services they offer to the students at our college

Career Services FAQs

Have a questions about our career services? The career services FAQs will have answers for those questions

Student Services

If ever you start to feel overwhelmed, we want to remind you that you are not alone and your wellness is important

Student Clubs

To obtain resume, cover letter feedback, or to discuss career planning and opportunities, book a free with us

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Student Housing

Need a place to stay as an international student? Hanson got you covered with the following information on student housing

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Settlement Services

COVID-19 latest travel updates and the latest COVID-19 announcements for international students and travelers

Other Resources

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Consulate Services

Students at Hanson Canada are able to reach out to consulate and immigration assistance during your time abroad

Policies and Forms

View and download the updated Hanson policies, protocols and code of conduct for our campuses in Ontario

University Guide

Prepare for the next step in your academic journey with university guide, transfer policies, application workshops, and more