Registration Information

Students are required to complete the registration process before you start the new semester

You must meet the following criteria to register without any issues:

Before you begin, please ensure:

To register, follow the below process:

Important Notes:

  • If you would like to add a course to your fall semester course load- please consult with your academic advisor and pay the additional course fees prior to registration
  • Refunds: Students who wish to withdraw on or before Day 10 and have paid fees above the non-refundable deposit must provide a formal notification and may be eligible for a refund. Please refer to the Student Fees and Refund Policy. Those who withdraw past this date are responsible for the current term fees
  • It is your responsibility to become acquainted with the policies respecting a refund of fees

Deadlines for Fall 2021

Last Day to Register September 13, 2021
Last Day to add a course September 10, 2021 
Last Day to drop a course or withdraw from the program September 17, 2021
Last Day to drop a course without academic penalty (with “W” grade) November 10, 2021