National Truth and Reconciliation Day

On Friday, September 30, 2022, Hanson College was privileged to honor the children who never returned home and survivors of residential schools as well as their families and communities by participating in National Truth and Reconciliation Day.

The staff and students at Hanson College wore orange shirts to raise awareness of the residential school’s individual, family, and community inter-generational impacts and promote the concept of “Every Child Matters.” The orange shirt symbolizes the stripping of culture, freedom, and self-esteem experienced by Indigenous children over generations.

Hanson College welcomed the Red Cedar Sisters to provide valuable insights into Indigenous History, Culture & Spirituality. The day started with an educational and interactive fireside chat with the members of Red Cedar Sisters – Shannon Thunderbird, Sandy Horne, and Kate Dickson and the students, faculty, and staff of Hanson College.

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The Sisters talked about the importance of National Truth and Reconciliation Day, followed by a singing performance of Indigenous songs. The students, staff, and faculty joined the singing performance and filled the room with harmonious and positive energy.

The Red Cedar Sisters educated the audience about the value of drums in the indigenous culture and invited the students, staff, and faculty to play the two big drums. Following that, an interactive dance session commenced where everyone in the room joined hands to form a big circle while dancing together.

The students then asked the Red Cedar Sisters about the history of indigenous tribes and how they could support them.

After a productive day of learning and experiencing indigenous culture, Hanson College’s event comes to a close with a photo opportunity and one-to-one chat sessions with the Red Cedar Sisters.


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