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With the whole world gripped in the panic of the current pandemic, it is important for us to keep in mind, that this too shall pass, and, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. However, it’ll be inconsiderate of us to not talk about the effects that this pandemic has had on various sectors, including the higher learning, and its severe impacts on international education. Schools, colleges and universities being spaces for face-to-face learning across the world, have asked students to stay at home while educating continues via online methods. This shift away from in-class learning has come with heavy criticism, with several colleges instructing international students to go home immediately. Also, with notices sent to students to vacate campuses until further notice, students who have taken heavy loans or work part-time on campus have been left out in the cold.

Fortunately, not all colleges across the globe have treated their students in a similar manner, but perhaps, have found alternate solutions to help them get a thorough educational experience, and, keep their dreams of having a successful career alive. One such institution, which works relentlessly in the favor of their students, catering to the international audience, providing them with the best education and resources to ensure student’s success, Hanson, comes as a ray of hope, even during these gloomy times.

Being a host to programs which mirror the evolving industries in Ontario, and the world, students at the college are converted into brightest and most employable professionals of tomorrow. Furthermore, Hanson in partnership with Cambrian College has created an inclusive environment of learning and growth on campus, which is carefully tailored to all their students, irrespective of the backgrounds they come from, working together towards their future goals.

Achieving excellence together

Implementing the benefits of a small college experience in a global backdrop, the community and the homely experience Hanson offers, is unique and effortless. Additionally, Students looking for a quality academic journey make Hanson their home, thus progressing each day towards an endless learning curve, building their personalities on both personal and professional grounds.

The course list made available to the students is varied and up to date, consisting of programs and courses pertaining to the interests and demands of a tomorrow’s professional. From one-year graduate certificate programs to 2-year diploma programs, the college is a haven for both Business and I.T courses and programs. Along with the regular courses on campus, due to the association with Cambrian College, a new set of programs are exclusively made available to their international students. General Business, Human Resource Management, Project Management and Tourism are few of the Cambrian programs, which give students the right amount of exposure to get real hands on experience that pushes one step closer towards success.

Situated ideally in one of the most happening cities of the world – Ontario, Hanson has 2 campuses at the offering, who’s locations and surroundings were carefully selected for students to get the best of both worlds, be it inside the classroom or outside. The brilliant state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities and amenities available on campus help students explore their inner potentials, motivating them into becoming talented and confident individuals.

Teaching today to lead tomorrow

Consisting of some of the most talented and experienced individuals serving as the esteemed faculty at our college, highest quality training is delivered, irrespective of the medium used”, stated Manny Bassi J.D., the Vice President of the College, talking to us about the whole working ethos present on campus. Adding to his earlier statement, talking to us about the faculty Hanson proudly boasts about, Mr. Bassi stated – “The faculty members themselves being excellent academicians and renowned personalities, bring all their years of experience and knowledge to the classroom, emphasizing equally on practical aspects of learning, preparing students for a brighter future ahead of them”.

Giving equal importance to the faculty members on campus, extensive training was imparted to the teachers in adopting to the ICT-enabled learning environment, well before-hand, helping the institute and the students transition trouble-free from face-to-face to online modes of teaching/learning. Even though most of the classes have been shifted onto the online campus, some class labs are still operational on campus, keeping in check all the public health guidelines, maximizing the safety of the students, and the staff.

Despite 2020 being a year of big disappointments in terms of education for Indians or any other international student, looking for a dream career abroad, Hanson still lets its current and future students dream of a career and life in Canada, irrespective of the crisis the whole world is currently facing. As the leader in public-private education delivery, Hanson Ontario welcomes international students with open hands, treating students as their present and their future, and, lastly promising all, of a guidance filled path, towards outperforming on all aspects of living and learning.

Words from Manny Bassi J.D., Vice President of Hanson Ontario

“An integral part of Hanson’s growth for the past 9 years, having worked in various capacities and now occupying the role of Vice President, Ontario. He has always shown a passion for education, from his days of being a student at University of Ottawa & Bond University in Australia (where he received his Juris Doctorate in Law), to the days before coming to Hanson, where he worked as an instructor.  His specialization is in international education and is a firm believer that learning can unite persons from around the world. He has seen firsthand, how the connections formed through education have the ability to bridge cultures and create a greater sense of the global community we live in.”


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