Cambrian at Hanson Students attend ConsumersNext’s Business Event

 On June 4th, 2019, students from Cambrian at Hanson participated in a community networking event organized by ConsumersNext Business Association, a not-for-profit business association. ConsumersNext was established to service businesses operating in the growing area of Toronto in the Consumers Road Business Park in North York where Cambrian at Hanson’s Toronto campus is located.

Hanson Colleges Students participating in ConsumersNext’s Business Event

Hanson’s Business students saw presentations by city councillors, development authorities, and business leaders and were able to learn how business owners and government officials work together to create a working community.  More importantly, students were able to network and share their experiences at Hanson, which unfolded the opportunity to make important contacts for future career development. Experiences like these provide students with a competitive edge when they graduate and enter the workforce, which is why we strive to give students as much practical experience and room to grow at Hanson.

ConsumersNext Board of Directors

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