Vitoria Kaviazina

Viktoria Kaviazina

Business Instructor, Brampton Campus

I believe the main point of teaching is to create a resourceful, flexible and creative atmosphere where the teacher is the guide from whom the students learn to think. Such an environment stimulates students to reveal their hidden talents and motivates them to grow intellectually to meet their full potential.

Achievements: Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Contribution to Students and Hanson Canada (2019), Certificate of Appreciation as Teacher of the Semester (2017)

Extra-curriculars: Runs “Women in Leadership Club” for female students at Hanson College of Business, Health & Technology,  Hanson ENACTUS Project Advisor, and an avid supporter of college social life for students

#HansonHighlight: Hanson is a great place to grow, achieve academic excellence, and improve your leadership and communication skills.