Alumni & Opportunities

As we are committed to student success, we value feedback from our past students about their experiences as Hanson College graduates.

Whether students decide to apply for continuing education in Canadian universities or apply for employment in Canada, we are confident that the skills, knowledge, and abilities of our graduates make them successful beyond their time getting Cambrian College certifications at Hanson College. 

Hearing from our alumni provides important information and encouragement to our whole college community, including students, staff, and instructors.

To make updating easier for us, please fill out our brief Alumni Profile Survey which includes questions regarding your current contact information, your career plans, and your success after graduation. We are very proud of our graduates and are continually encouraged by their achievements and success!


Hanson Canada Alumni Networking Event

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As we understand that word-of-mouth speaks volumes, we've included organic feedback from previous students sharing their experiences with us. Feel free to review those to understand why Hanson College makes us, and our students, so proud.

Mentorship opportunities

Share your knowledge as experience as Hanson Alumni with new students to guide them through their journey while expanding on your involvement in the community.

Networking events

Building your network is so powerful, and we want to provide our Alumni with all the avenues possible to do so. Connect with fellow Alumni, previous educators, potential employers, and more through our events dedicated to your development.

Employment resources

There are a number of paths to explore after your time at Hanson College, and we are here to support you in your choices with resume and interview workshops, job boards, and more.

Exclusive access to perks

From exclusive memberships to Microsoft Office 365 to LinkedIn learning, our alumni gets inside access to perks that promote both personal and professional growth beyond their time at Hanson College.

Our Alumni

Cambrian at Hanson offers Cambrian College’s Diploma and Graduate Certificate programs with co-op or field placements to gain practical exposure to the workplace in a 16-month fast-track format.